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Maggie Bielman, Instructional Community-based Aide

Chris, Instructional Aide

Karen Aigumaua , Teacher & Case manager

Cassie Hutto , Instructional aide

Student voices: "It is my responsibility, being the person with the particular needs, to make my needs known to others. It is not their responsibility to assume what I may or may not need, this can lead to problems. I prefer to do as much as I possibly can for myself even if it would be easier for me to let someone else do it. I have found that the more I do for myself the better I feel about myself, and the more difficult the task, the greater sense of accomplishment I feel. .. I know they're only trying to help but in my opinion they are actually hindering me in many ways."


Always make the LEAST DANGEROUR ASSUMPTION: assume that every person is competent and able to learn, because to do otherwise would result in harm such as fewer opportunities for that individual and fewer choices as an adult.

Read an article about the Least Dangerous Assumption. Great for all including general education teachers, students and parents.


Palisade Bulldogs not only have perseverance, attitude, character and knowledge—we have individual goals, skills & the desire to live a quality life in our community!

Mission Statement:

At Palisade High School we are committed to serving ALL students, on an individual basis, regardless of the barriers that they have. We use their strengths and interests to ensure that every student is a part of our community and has the skills to necessary to live a quality life as independently as possible. Students are supported in their least restrictive environments and learning age-appropriate content with their peers. Our special education teachers provide direct instruction in scaffolded levels of literacy, math, science and social studies to all special education students. Palisade High has a large community-based component to promote lifetime learning, employment skills, friendships and community inclusion to the maximum extent possible. We work passionately with our students, families, and community businesses.

PHS offers:

  • direct instruction in functional reading and math from non-readers to higher-level readers
  • scaffolded literacy, science, math and social studies classes for all special ed students
  • direct life skills lessons in the community and on-campus
  • a school store for our students to work and raise funds
  • supported inclusion with all peers through peer-aide courses and other scheduled events
  • a large community-based program component to promote lifetime learning, friendships and community inclusion as well as get job experience at all levels

We send students into general ed classrooms with support. A student can learn and participate to the maximum extent possible and it is the SSN teachers job (with support of the gen ed teachers, aides, and modifications) to find out what they can learn and do in any class to grow and stay engaged. We also have a great staff at PHS. Once they are informed and empowered they support and include all students as theirs. Special education then support teachers not just students. Supports for general ed may include:

  • Adjusting time spent in the class
  • Modified learning expectations & activities (less of or different than peers)
  • Trained peer aides
  • Instructional Aides
  • Pre-teaching
  • Scaffolding by SSN teacher or aides
  • Additional time and review in special ed study skills room


District 51 Support Services-As needed as determined by IEP teams

  • Speech services, Margie Martinez
  • Job coach/ SWAP
  • Assistive Technology
  • Special Olympics, Adaptive PE and Lifetime Recreational Activities: Laine Greenhill, Mike Ruspil & Robin
  • Extended School Year (ESY)
  • Transition coordinator, Pam Salazar
  • Nursing, Tammy Fletcher
  • OT services, Katie Langlier


Transition Services-Collaboration and links provided by Tammy Tallant

  • Referrals to DVR & SWAP (and direct work with case managers at last 6 months of school)
  • Referrals to MDS
  • GVT (public transportation) training
  • Job shadowing & Unpaid Work Experiences
  • Visits to post-school placements
  • Electronic portfolios
  • Interest & Career Inventories
  • After school & evening event support
  • Connection with Center for Independence courses


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