Available Positions

Work in the fast paced field of food services. In this job, you will be working in either a local pizza parlor or fast food chain. Worker will receive an hourly wage plus tips.
Applicant must
be at least 16
years old,
with a
G.P.A. of a
2.0 or greater.
Must also
attend a food service
class at the
health services department.
An interview
will also be conducted.
5-6 hrs./day
$5/hr. & Tips
Serving and busting tables at either one of the locations available for applicancy will be a major duty.Taking orders and cleaning the facility are also prominent duties.
Daycare Worker
Applicant will participate in childcare programs at the "Happy Smiles" daycare facility. Employee will work hands on with children in a relaxed environment.
Applicant must
be at least
16 years old,
with own transportation. Must also
attend first aid
and childcare classes.
3-4 hrs./day
Maintain and operate structured activities with children. Provide entertainment, education, and fun to all of our patrons.
Sales Intern
Get your business expirience here! Those who are interested in the field of business and sales, look no further. We here at Business Inc. will satisfy your sales and business education.
The applying applicant must be at least 17 years old with a G.P.A of over 3.0. A Personal Finance credit is also needed. Personal references will be contaced. An interview will also be arranged with the employer and applicant.
5-6 hrs./day
Tuesday & Thursday
20% of Sales
Accepted applicants will work along side others trying to sell the assigned product by corporate. They will also learn and produce adverstisement for the business. Plus they will produce and build their effective sales techniques through customer conotation and connection.
Personal Tutor
Work hands on with a student in need of extra help with education and school. Help will be provided to those who apply. Areas of study include math, social studies, world language, literacy, and science. Students will be from area schools across the Grand Valley.
Must have
obtained and maintained a
3.5 G.P.A.
for more then
two school semesters. Applicant must
also be either
a Junior or
Senior in High School.
An interview
will also be conducted.
1 1/2-3 hrs./day
Provide educational support to a student in need. Students in need range from 6th grade to 12th grade. If any of the applicants have a particualr field of study that stands out, please feel free to mention.
Interior Design Intern
If you have an interest for design and art, this is the position for you! You will work with our design and fashion experts hands on. Begin your career path with a feel for the design and fashion world.
Applicant must
be 18 years old with their own transportation. Must have
obtained a
High School diploma GED. References and interviews
will also be a
part of the
hiring process.
3 1/2-4 hrs./day
Friday & Saturday
Commision of Sales
Accepted applicant will provide assistance and creative ideas to our team of interior designers. Attendance and positive risk taking is needed to succeed.
Teacher's Aid
Teachers within the Grand Valley who are in need of extra help will be satisfied with your help. Will also count for an elective credit. If your are interested in the field of education, this job is perfect for you!
Must be a
Junior or Senior
in High School. Also, applicant must provide
their own transportation
to and from the desired location. Interview will
be scheduled by the teacher in
need of help.
2 hrs./day
Pay may very between teacher
Applicant will assist teacher with various duties. Some duties include grading papers, organizing classroom files, and preparing classroom work.
File Clerk
Ofiices are in need of extra help this year with those qualified with organizational skills. The hired file clerk will preform duties that will help and enhance the preformance of the office. Local businesses have set up a portfolio for you to view possible locations.
Must be 18
years or older. Applicant
will also need
to have a High School Diploma
or GED. An interviw will
also be
with the office manager and employer.
4 hrs./day
Accepted employee will work hands on at the front desk of successful agency. Employee will file papers and keep the office in top condition with various organizational services.
If you are interested in client services and finance, this is the job for you! Applicant will work as a cashier at either a local grocery store or shop.
Applicant must 17 years of age. Must also have a G.P.A. of 3.5 with either a Personal Finance or Pre-Calculus credit completed.
Manager will conduct interviw with the applicant.
4 1/2-5 hrs./day
Employee will work behind the counter of a local store in need of help. Assist customers with their purchases and questions will also be a part of the position.
Engineer Aprentice
Interested applicants will learn in a fast paced environment of engineering. Position applicants will learn and grow as the demand for this position keeps on growing. Local engineering firms have called for your help ASAP!
Those interested in the position must have a High School diploma, with a completed credit of Earth Science, Physics, and Calculus. An interview will be scheduled as well as references.
2 hrs./day
Monday & Thursday
Accepted applicants will complete basic engineering problems. They will also shadow and assist the engineers on sight with their work as well.
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