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Career and College Advisor
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Dear Parents/Guardians;

What are your student’s next steps after high school? Does he/she have a plan? Have you discussed your son/daughter’s passions with them? What do they want to be when they “really” grow up? It is never too early to start the discussions.

I am here to help! My name is Jamie Trotman and I am the new Career and College Advisor at Palisade High School. In addition to your student’s regular counselor, I am available as a resource for your student  My goal is to meet with every student and work with them to find their passion for a career and then match that passion to education, apprenticeships, military, etc. after high school. Counselors and I are here to help them get to the next phase of their life.

As the Career and College Advisor, I will be involved at the school in a variety of ways; speaking in the Career and College Preparation Junior courses, presenting to small groups or full classes, providing field trips to local businesses that have career opportunities, facilitating visits to community colleges and universities, coordinating guest speaker events, providing college counselors and military recruiters time in the building, and most importantly meeting with students on an individual basis. My focus will be on student interest, career and college goals, presenting options, and assisting the student in finding ways to change their goals into reality.

In addition, I will be working closely with your son/daughter as they get closer to choosing a career path, community college, or university. I am here to help them through utilizing Naviance (software), career and college applications, assisting in finding internships, looking/applying for scholarships, navigating financial aid, and just answering questions. I am here to answer your questions as well!

District 51 assists students with Individual Career and Academic Plans using software called Naviance/Family Connection. Interest inventories, career searches, college searches, salary information, resume building, scholarship listings, letters of recommendation files, and much more are available within Naviance/Family Connection. Every student from 8th grade to post-graduation will have an account and should be using it more and more as they grow toward graduation. Parents can also have a portal to this very helpful tool. To sign up, please contact me via my email provided below.

It is my hope to meet your student soon, if I have not already done so! If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 970-254-4800 ext 25267. My hours are 7:00-3:30 each school day and I will be available at all Parent/Teacher Conferences. The future is sooner than we think so let’s start planning!



Jamie Trotman