Where is your data saved?

Your documents do NOT automatically save to your H drive.

Places where you can save & access later:

  • OneDrive – Mesa County Valley School District

  • H:

  • Network drives such as P:

Get to your work from anywhere you have internet access:

Office 365 and Google Drive (GAPPS)

Pro: Automatically saves your work

Con: Both of these are bare bone software because they are housed “in the cloud”.  You will need to download/open work in Microsoft Office desktop versions to finalize your homework for many PHS classes.   

Pro for 365: If you start your work in the browsers, it will automatically go back there when you click on the save button when you have downloaded to the desktop version.

Desktop version – software housed “off the cloud” has a lot more strength and can make your life much easier.  Con to desktop:  if there is a power outage, you will lose some if not all your work.

ClassLink - MyFiles You can view your H and P drives from any internet connected device.  However, you can’t always work with it or print away from the school district.


I strongly recommend transferring H drives to OneDrive.  When you have been working on a personal device, it is easy to open a document from OneDrive when you have to print from a school device.   

Currently, you may want to keep using P drives for shared information because of organization.