Booster Club

Palisade High School Booster Club is a group of parents, coaches, school administrators and community members who support all clubs, teams and extracurricular activities of Palisade High School.  Our mission is to enhance, assist and encourage enthusiastic support for all Palisade High School programs.  The Booster Club provides financial support, athletic fee scholarships, assists with travel expenses, fulfills wish lists and promotes school spirit.  Fundraising efforts and contributions enable the Booster Club to achieve our mission.  Without fundraising we would not exist.  We provide this through a program that encourages participation.

Please join our team if you want to encourage school spirit, assist in providing financial aid to our school organizations and get to know our students and parents.  Email us       at [email protected].  

The parents and volunteers who are involved make such an impact for Palisade High School.  They help our kids achieve their clubs and sports dreams by stepping in to raise funds to provide the necessities and frills that school budgets do not.  In addition, being a part of the Booster Club allows you to “get to know” other parents, coaches and administration.  With that said, let this be a formal invitation for you to become a valuable part of the Palisade Booster Club.